50+ Goes Over the Mountain

Brad Barringer is a member of our 50 Plus Racing Tribe. An insurance agent, he told us that most of his clients are customers over the age of 65.

“I’ve seen first hand the effects of cognitive disease has not only on the people fighting these diseases but the strain both financially and emotionally. I think Alzheimer’s disease is the biggest fear most of my clients face.”

He recently sent us this report:

I got the opportunity to meet Team 50 Plus Racing at the 24 hours of Daytona and watched the team overcome so many obstacles just to get the car across the finish line. I found it amazing how much effort everyone put in getting the car back out on the track and not giving up.

I started to think what I could do to raise awareness as well as raising funds for the 50+ Foundation. I wanted whatever I did to be a challenge, so I entered in a 3 hour mountain bike race on a single speed mountain bike.

I entered this race two days before being released by my doctor after having abdominal surgery in February. The training that went into the race was at times brutal. There were days where I was on my bike twice a day. I was doing high intensity interval training, hill training, and long endurance rides on the weekends.

I was riding up to five hours at times. I posted training results almost daily on social media, along with a countdown to how many days were left.  I called my race “Endure for a Cure.” I decided to match my effort by giving $1 per mile that I raced and encouraged others to join me in donating.

At the end of the day, I raised a little over $50 dollars, rode 33 miles in under 3 hours, took a 9th place finish, and most importantly, I hope I helped even in some tiny way a person or family that is dealing with Alzheimer’s.