Our International Reach

We recently received email correspondence from Riana Nurrachmat, a teacher in Bandung, Indonesia. It appears that the Fifty Plus Racing Tribe is spread far and wide!

My goal is to send this email is to show my students that I am one of the fans really like FIFTY PLUS RACING TEAM. I hope FIFTY PLUS RACING TEAM can do better this year, and be a winner in every series race this year or least able to standing in the winner's podium. I always pray this year FIFTY PLUS RACING TEAM get a good performance in every series.

I hope FIFTY PLUS RACING TEAM can respond to email from me and can give a moment to me in the form of original or replica shirt jersey, hat or souvenirs of  FIFTY PLUS RACING TEAM for showing to my students. I say many thanks.

Riana Nurrachmat S
Talenta Junior High School
West Java - Indonesia

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